A Parisian Winter

I had only ever been to Paris during the height of summer, but I had always heard that it is a beautiful city during the winter. And even though Ghana has made me react like a baby to cold weather, I must say that the Parisian winter—when it is not raining—is a wonderful time to see the city.

I love Paris. I love its architecture, its vibe, its romance. It was the perfect place to rendezvous with my parents and my brother Scott, who were meeting me after my trip with Caitlin for travels to Paris, Nice, Monaco, and Geneva. Paris started our trip and it ended our trip, as we spent two more days in the city before we all departed to our respective continents, and we have many memorable moments from our time there. I am sure my parents will never forget their lunch at Le Jules Verne—the restaurant that sits atop the Eiffel Tower. I will never forget getting to go up an elevator into the tower successfully on this third trip to the city. My mom and I got separated from Scott and my dad, and we ended up enjoying the marvelous works at the Louvre in two separate groups. I got to watch movies with my mom like we used to do when I was home, and Scott and I bantered just the same as well. I even got to see my good college friend Eli, who is working at a law firm in the city. It was great to see how well he was doing and exchange stories about our lives abroad.

Mom and I under the Eiffel Tower and my umbrella
Parisian Icon
Mom and Dad at their lunch at Le Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower
Yummy first Parisian dinner
At Luxembourg Gardens
Posing by the pyramid entrance to the Louvre
Scott and I pretending to be statues in front of the Louvre
smallest elevator EVER

I think my favorite moment in Paris though was walking along the Seine River with them all, watching the boats glide along the river with Notre Dame framing the skyline and the souvenir stands lining the sidewalk. It is, after all, a city of love, and I was with some of the people I love the most.

Grey skies over the SeineMom and I along the Seine
Mom and I along the Seine


2 thoughts on “A Parisian Winter”

  1. I love the shot of brightness you bring to these photos. I am picturing you strolling through wintry Paris, being enchanted, and it’s bringing a little bit of extra charm to my own day. Thank you.

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