Mountain Hideouts and the End of Vacation

Instead of staying right in Geneva, we decided to stay about 20 minutes outside the city in the small town of Divonne-les-Bains, which is at the foot of a range of mountains that include Mont Blanc and is famous for its thermal baths. It was a charming small town, and it was nice to stay in an apartment style complex and cook our meals. Our time in Geneva was wonderful as well. The city is clean and chiseled beautifully into the mountains and lake around it. Lake Geneva’s jet spray is stupendous and I could not stop marveling at how high it was. My dad and I climbed up to St. Peter’s Cathedral and took panoramic shots of the city. And we spent a wonderful time strolling along, reading the words and viewing the etchings at the Reformation Wall. The mountain air did wonders for me and just being surrounded by the picturesque snow capped mountain peaks put an instant smile on my face. I also appreciated taking so many trains, as I have not had a chance to get on one of the newer European trains in awhile, and the train we took in Bulgaria was definitely more of an old school one.

When we returned to Paris for the last few days it was still a wonderful time, but I could not help but feel sad that vacation was coming to an end. I spent some of the best days I have spent during those 16 days with Caitlin and my parents and Scott, I just regret that the time went by so fast. I was excited to return to Ghana and move into my own place, but it is always hard to say goodbye to such familiar faces who know me so well. For now I must say that I will see you in May, Mom, Dad, and Scott. It was a trip to remember fondly forever.

Dad and I strolling the streets of Geneva
Incredible jet spray on Lake Geneva
Reformation Wall
Now THIS is chess

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