A Return to Togo

Things I learned on my second trip to Lome, the capital of Togo, where I went to enjoy a weekend and re-stamp my visa into Ghana:

  1. If you travel with a man, no one will direct questions to you—even about your own passport.
  2. If you don’t present it yourself, sometimes people never ask for your passport, thus not finding out you are an American in need of a Visa
  3. Border officials will look at an American passport for approximately 10 minutes in order to probably determine “authenticity”
  4. They actually do ask to see your Yellow Fever vaccination card!
  5. I am still nervous about riding on motorbike taxis
  6. If a tro-tro is near the end of its life and will start and stop the entire way from one city to the next, the tro-tro driver and mate will still collect money and brave a journey without telling you about the vehicle’s problems
  7. Any journey in a tro-tro over 2 hours will result in you running out of comfortable seating positions for your body
Bright curtains blowing in the beautiful breeze
Dirt roads of Togo
View from floor
Chopping vegetables for lunch
Forgot to take the photo of the food before eating it...
We ate a tub of salad
Fresh bissap (made from a flower)
With Fred's mom


4 thoughts on “A Return to Togo”

  1. I just spent some time catching up with a blog and remembered what a treat your words and adventures are, Delia. Keep sharing them with us – they are energizing and inspiring.

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