A and D are the New B and S (Or Saying Goodbye to Gossip Girl)

I know everyone says that the show has gone downhill, but there is something about Gossip Girl that keeps me coming back for more each Monday at 9pm. As Thought Catalog puts it, maybe I have become too invested in the characters to let them go. I have to see it all the way through. I’ve been on this journey for five years now. Gossip Girl ushered me into college (the first episode was September 2007) and is saying goodbye to me just as I am hitting that mid-20s range. It’s perfect timing. And as GG says ‘xoxo’ one last time and all my favorite UES’ers (and Brooklyn visitors) take their final tailored suits and headbands bow, one of my closest friends in this world Aley will usher in her mid-20s as well. She asked me if it was the best or the worst birthday present ever, and I told her it was a true honor and very fitting to usher in a new time in her life working in Cameroon just as a steady part of our college years comes to a close. I mean, we even had a Gossip Girl Club.

One of my favorite parts of the show is the relationship between Blair and Serena, or B and S as they refer to themselves as, and how even through the craziest things that happen in the show, they too keep coming back for more. And although Aley and I have a much more stable relationship (No boyfriend stealing for us!), I’d like to think that A and D are the new B and S of life, as I couldn’t be prouder of her finding her niche in the “untraditional” paths post-graduation and having a friend I can always count on. And someone who believes in different life currencies and adventures we don’t quite know where they’ll land u. I even think B and S would be envious of our friendship journey.

xoxo Gossip Girl


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