If You Like Piña Coladas, Getting Caught in a Good Book…

I wouldn’t be doing the work of a good business woman if I did not talk about my passion for the start-up work that I do in every space that I reside in, one of those spaces being my blog. Growing up I was an avid reader. My mom is a writer, and when classmates were reading Dr. Seuss in first grade, I was beginning abridged versions of Charles Dickens’ classics. I won reading awards, and got lost in the stories of all types of different genres, from the fantasy worlds of Robert Jordan to the non-fiction stories of Richard Wright. They were my worlds, and I loved getting lost within them.

And then there is music. The melodies that connect to memories, as Eric Church so eloquently crooned. I love connecting tunes to places, faces, timeless stamps upon my memory. And through my start-up work I get to put both of these passions together.

My brother started Younge Media Enterprises Inc in January 2012, borne from his imagination and excitement. YMedia uses advanced technology through an application known as Merged Media to bring consumers a new way of engaging with text. We make customized scores for electronic books, as well as allow users to switch out the customized score for their own tailor-made score through the app. Our company also promotes new artists and music through our website (that is coming soon) YPlace. 

I feel really passionate about this and the group of people I work with are also people I go far back with, making the work personal and enjoyable. Please take the time to check out our Kickstarter Project, and donate what you can. Even $4 gets you the application and helps us out! Especially send this message on to anyone who might be really interested in this idea or supporting new ways in which technology and media interact. 

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