8 and 5


Numerically evaluating my life there are a few important numbers right now.

6, the number of days I’ve been back in Miami and 2, the number of days I’ve actually felt like I was grounded in being back to my life here.

3, the number of times I have sat down and had a relaxing drink with friends who made all worries disappear and 1, the number of times I have actually made myself something to eat in my house since returning. 

10, the number of lengthy life chats about returning for year two of teaching in Miami I have had with close friends.

8, the number hours I have slept in the last two days as the school year draws near and I thrash in the water of school decorations, expectations, and meetings.

But most importantly


The number of my students I saw today who I had last year and I will have this year. 5 students who in the midst of a hot, frustrating day made me smile with hugs and chats of looking forward to a second year with me that made me remember why all these long pre-school days are always, in the end, worth enduring.


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