And Mom Always Told Me Half Full Glasses Can Still Fill the Soul

It’s been a rough week. And after each day I thought things would get a little easier, but something harder came along the way. It’s one of those trough periods of my life, and this one is especially low. But today I saw that glimmer of tides to turn. One simple sign reminding me that God is still in control and is the master storyteller. Even after years of practicing, it’s still hard for me to let complete control go. But I’m releasing all the pressure and stress up in one bundled up prayer to someone who knows much better what to do with all of it than I do. And as Thanksgiving comes around, I know even when the glass threatens to be half empty, that I will be thankful that half full glasses can say to the soul, “Even when it feels like there is no one holding me. Be still, my soul. He is.” 

1 thought on “And Mom Always Told Me Half Full Glasses Can Still Fill the Soul”

  1. I heard something on the radio today. Whenever you’re tempted to say, “It’s just not my day,” remember…it isn’t. “This is the day the Lord has made; rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

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