The Good List

I stayed after school way longer than I should on a day like this.

And when I parked my car in the lot of my apartment complex, I laid my head down on the steering wheel of my car and cried.

It was a froyo type of day. 

On days like these the only way to cope so that the bad does not swallow the good is to make a ‘good list’ of all the things that were worth the battles and waking up this week:

  • The majority of my students are really excited about reading their new books
  • Students are having arguments over the plot of their book and where they are finding evidence instead of silly things
  • I informed a student she had read past the pages assigned for the day, and she said she was into the book and asked if she could still keep reading since there was still time during silent sustained reading. Then after she was done doing her assignment with me she ran back to her book to read more.
  • Students are laughing out loud in relation to their readings and sharing that with each other
  • I had very productive conversations with parents about their student’s progress
  • I got to spend time on Tuesday with two of my favorite people: Thecla and Amber
  • I was introduced to peanut butter froyo
  • I spent time catching up with college friends Scott, Bita, and Becky
  • I found some new ways to finance things I want to do
  • The weather has been GORGEOUS
  • People have been really generous toward our GSA fundraiser
  • I have life and people who love me and a good head on my shoulder

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