Promises of Return

“And if I have you, I’ll have everything. But without you, I am nothing.” 

The Easter season has always been one of my favorites. In terms of entire seasons, Christmas still wins for me, but for the actual holiday, Easter is my favorite. There is something that deeply roots me to the message of Easter, the story of the ultimate sacrifice. And to me, it also represents the ultimate promise. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to walk the earth with Christ, seeing the miracles performed and just being in his presence. But then, suddenly, just as soon as it all started, there he was on the cross. Like all great stories, this one had a critical climax and ending. Although, it wasn’t quite an ending. Jesus left with a promise that we would never be alone, that surely he would go with us throughout the ages. I feel him in my walk through life each day. The choices I make, the things I will and won’t do, are so I do not lose the chance at the promise to experience life beside him one day when he returns.

I love that. Simply put and stated. I have lived in many different places for my 25 years of life: Grenada, Indiana, New York, Massachusetts, Spain, Ghana, Florida, just to name the big ones. And after each journey I gather all the pieces of memories together in my heart–all the love from new friends and old friends and the warmth of atmospheres lived and lessons learned—and I close my eyes and make a promise that I will one day return. Sometimes I do, and others I’m still waiting to see. Other’s have ceased to be the places they once were to me, and others have taken on a larger-than life place in my heart. But even the most fervent of promises sometimes goes unkept in a life that moves me from one place to the next. So in my life of transiency, I treasure promises I know will be kept: God’s promise of return.


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