Perspective is finding yourself lost in a new country

It’s being reconnected to the world for the first time in three days

To find your first communication makes you feel

even more alone than you did before

It’s feeling like you wish you could turn back the clock

and send you more letters, more emails, more notes of appreciation

Held on a little longer despite the strains of distance

To tell you just how mesmerizing your love of life was

How my truths were always safe within the walls of our conversations

And that we all loved you- Te amo

And can’t believe you’re gone

Perspective is not wanting to make new friends

Because you lost an old one

Ripped out from the pages of a grand and beautiful novel

From a selfish and weak soul

Perspective is feeling overwhelmed by the pain of loss

But simultaneously overwhelmed by gratitude

For moments shared, and lives you touched

And knowing that the work you did and loved

I will continue in my own path doing–

I owe it in your remembrance to keep going.


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