“Oh, There Must Be Something in the Water”

They said come down to the water

You can bathe in the cool drops of the water

Water that washes away all the uncleanliness and sin

But there is a sin of being in these parts

Those who the call to join in the water

Was not a real invitation

Not a real welcoming

As black and brown bodies are stains

in the eyes of those who believe that

water only washes to whiteness

And black and brown bodies cannot be cleaned

They do not have the ability to be scrubbed clean

And when placed in the water, whitness fears–

It fears the muddying of clear waters

Because if I, and my brothers and sisters

Were to dive inside the vastness of the water

We would float along on our backs

Watching as the water dispersed and rippled around us

Beautiful, bold, dark glimpses of hope

As we cut our way through its depth

And there would be something in the water–

The crystal clear, deep reminder

That blackness survives

No matter how hard you try to wash it away

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