Greece Days 1-2: Athens, Feta, and Casual Sexism

The #TooTurntTwerkTeam takes Greece 2k15. That has to be the most important thing you, my reader, takes away from the next few blog posts about my "yay MPhil is done" trip to Greece with my Cambridge ride-or-die Imogen. We have something very special in store too, but I will leave that reveal for after the… Continue reading Greece Days 1-2: Athens, Feta, and Casual Sexism

It’s All Greek to Me (And I LOVE It)

“Greek customs such as wine drinking were regarded as worthy of imitation by other cultures. So the ships that carried Greek wine were carrying Greek civilization, distributing it around the Mediterranean and beyond, one amphora at a time." I feel blessed to have spent Christmas with all my siblings and my parents, on a cruise… Continue reading It’s All Greek to Me (And I LOVE It)