Dear 30, Love 29

In my bedroom, I have a framed poster that reads "Trust Your Struggle." To me, those words are about knowing in my bones and my being the things that I know to be true. They are about caring about the process and not just the product, and all the ways that becoming¬†is a necessary state… Continue reading Dear 30, Love 29

What I Can Say to be True

I have always been a writer, a storyteller. Ever since I can remember I was copying the ways of my mother by writing my being on to pieces of paper. The only thing that has changed with the years is now I type, although I still handwrite things when I can or notes to people… Continue reading What I Can Say to be True

Where Children Play: Finding the Paths to Happiness

I recently attended an alumni summit for the Coca Cola Scholars foundation. I was in a world of inspiration and love, surrounded by so many people I had not seen in so long and all those who practice the art of "humbition" (the crossroads of being humble in your learning and ambitious in your goals).… Continue reading Where Children Play: Finding the Paths to Happiness