Waiting for the Harvest

"But the wisdom from above leads us to be pure, gentle, sensible, friendly, kind, helpful, genuine, and sincere. When peacemakers plant seeds of peace, they will harvest justice." - James 3:17-18 I started my day with that beautiful message from the Book of James, sent via text to me by my close friend Aley to… Continue reading Waiting for the Harvest

Tolerance, Peace, and Value Systems

“It may seem naively idealistic, but I know that as long as we can imagine a better tomorrow, we can work towards a better tomorrow.” –James Orbinski, An Imperfect Offering  About two weeks ago I had a session with my students on stereotypes and how we should not act on them in order to avoid… Continue reading Tolerance, Peace, and Value Systems

Peace Does Not Simply Mean the Absence of Conflict

While writing the program manual for my project over the last several weeks, I have been wrestling with the question of what exactly does peace—more specifically living in peace and peaceful societies—mean to me. What would it mean for the children I am here to work with to grow up in peace? Peace, I have… Continue reading Peace Does Not Simply Mean the Absence of Conflict