Imagining Freedom.

If I believed┬áthat this world gave trigger warnings to black folk, I might ask for one before each time they show me you, Tamir. The way the ground comes out from under me, and my throat tightens. I sit around thinking about the lethality of existence and hope to God that there are playgrounds in… Continue reading Imagining Freedom.

When Whiteness Rears Its Ugly Head, or #KeepItIn2015

"Tamir Rice was lynched and everybody knows, every black body felt it and every white body dealt." -Tabias Wilson to not be safe on the earth. simply because of the color of your skin. how does a being survive this? -trayvon martin -nayyirah waheed There are things I cannot leave behind in 2015 even if… Continue reading When Whiteness Rears Its Ugly Head, or #KeepItIn2015