A White Man Called Me “Nigger” in the BART Station Yesterday

A white man called me 'nigger' in the BART station yesterday. He was standing alone on the platform. He watched me as I came down the escalators, hatred shining in his eyes as I drew closer. He glared at me and then he hurled the word out of his twisted mouth, as if he were spitting… Continue reading A White Man Called Me “Nigger” in the BART Station Yesterday


One of the greatest gifts I have allowed myself to receive in my life are the reminders that I find of things that I need to recall or remember. Sometimes a word, a conversation, a photograph. I just have to be ready to listen. Last night I went to a celebration in Oakland in honor… Continue reading Reminders

Caltrain Journeys

Five days a week I take the same train on most days. The 7:56am Baby Bullet from San Francisco 4th and King to Redwood City. Redwood City is one of the multiple cities found in the peninsula of the Bay Area, also known as Silicon Valley. It isn't a place that I would have ever… Continue reading Caltrain Journeys

On the Broken Nights, Generating Healing

The staples of my desk at work consists of red chili pepper flakes, salt, a glass name plate, and a black and white photograph of James Baldwin. I am sure others wonder why I have a photograph of James Baldwin on my desk, when they have family photos and old cards, because I can see their quizzical… Continue reading On the Broken Nights, Generating Healing

On Leaving (Again) and Thoughts that Have No Words

"During the time between ending one project and beginning another, I always have a crisis of meaning." - bell hooks There are instances. Instances when I will stand still outside amongst the bustle of life and close my eyes and imagine that I am as alone as I sometimes feel. There is a deep well… Continue reading On Leaving (Again) and Thoughts that Have No Words

Greece Days 6-9, Mykonos with my Woes

After Santorini took our breath away at multiple corners and left us with very full tummies from delectable meals, we took a fast ferry this time to our next and final stop, Mykonos. Now Mykonos is seen as one of the party islands of Greece, and especially of the Cyclades. There were a lot of… Continue reading Greece Days 6-9, Mykonos with my Woes

Greece Days 3-5, The Beauty of Santorini and #BlackGirlMagic

There is one place since childhood that I have seen photographs of and have just sat there staring. That place is the island of Santorini. I have always been drawn to the white buildings with blue domes overlooking the most mesmerizing of blue waters. So when Imogen and I were planning our trip to Greece,… Continue reading Greece Days 3-5, The Beauty of Santorini and #BlackGirlMagic

Choice Revisited: A Black Woman Reflects on Alice Walker and Returning Home

This was the first time that I did not begin a new journey with time spent reflecting in the Town Where Time Does Not Reside. I boarded my flight in London and came straight to this new beginning in Philadelphia, the weight of time zones and memories jarring the journey. There was a moment on… Continue reading Choice Revisited: A Black Woman Reflects on Alice Walker and Returning Home

Greece Days 1-2: Athens, Feta, and Casual Sexism

The #TooTurntTwerkTeam takes Greece 2k15. That has to be the most important thing you, my reader, takes away from the next few blog posts about my "yay MPhil is done" trip to Greece with my Cambridge ride-or-die Imogen. We have something very special in store too, but I will leave that reveal for after the… Continue reading Greece Days 1-2: Athens, Feta, and Casual Sexism