For all I am For all I'm feeling I will be true and I will seek Gave away my pain And all the chains 'Cause I'm no slave Yeah For I am King For all I am My ancestors tell me so My blood it tells me so My being it tells me so -"I… Continue reading Grounding.

The Gifts of My Mother –Reflections on Mother’s Day

''How simple a thing it seems to me that to know ourselves as we are, we must know our mothers' names.''                 -Alice Walker Whenever people ask me why I want to be a writer, I always begin at my mother, who is a writer. I would feel… Continue reading The Gifts of My Mother –Reflections on Mother’s Day

Dr. King, Selma, and the Search for a Legacy

Over the holidays I took a walk along the calm rivers of the White River in Indianapolis. I thought of its name and its literal representation of the line between white and black in my state. I looked out over the river, and I thought that in this great nation the one thing that we… Continue reading Dr. King, Selma, and the Search for a Legacy