Wound Care

While I was living in Ghana after college there was a line in a book that really spoke to me (An Imperfect Offering) that said "No scars, no stories, no life."  My body has its fair share of scars, the majority from a dog attack at a young age that left me with 32 stitches spread… Continue reading Wound Care

“No Scars, No Story, No Life”

A man in Afghanistan once said to me, “No scars, no story, no life.” Sometimes, the best story is in the space between the words—a space that is a window onto a different way of seeing. And when there are no easy answers, stories are all we have. -James Orbinski, An Imperfect Offering  Oftentimes when… Continue reading “No Scars, No Story, No Life”

Tougher Hands, Rougher Knees

Living in another country and a much different environment will without a doubt take its effects on one’s body. For example, the only time I have tanned more deeply than now in Ghana is the time I spent three weeks in Corsica in the scorching 110 degree sun each day on the beach. I think… Continue reading Tougher Hands, Rougher Knees