“We Go Out for Sweets & Come Back”

Last night I tossed and turned, the air filled with a nightmare mix of air fresheners and bullets. This afternoon when I hit 'end' on my last call for the day, my body instantly doubled over, racked with uncontrollable tears, as I curled into a ball, holding myself and shaking. Daunte. Another name I should… Continue reading “We Go Out for Sweets & Come Back”

Lovecraft Country and Forgotten Black Girls

I have loved the way that the Black women characters have been brought to the forefront of the storytelling in Misha Green's thrilling and provocative show Lovecraft Country. The uninterrupted wrath of Ruby. The expansive world and identities of Hippolyta. The resolve of Leti. Yet Diana's (Dee) plot line in the latest episode, "Jig-a-Bobo", reminded… Continue reading Lovecraft Country and Forgotten Black Girls